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Will the IIoT  bootstrapped startups

Embrace the Industrial Internet disruption, innovate at the edge of the network and transform at scale through micro-services.

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  • Farming

    We understand crop and livestock farmers needs; with the aim to help improve production yield outputs to address the Global Food Security concerns.

    Weather and learning image-enabled IoT platforms to assist farmers improve yield output.

  • Property

    Figtory has worked with the Property industry and provided IoT enabled capabilities that form the basis of Smart Buildings and Cities. Giving buildings the ability to think, see and hear.

    Build innovative products on the industrial internet around buildings and infrastructure.

  • Finance

    In collaboration with Africa's leading banks, Financial Service Providers and Fintech startups we have successfully taken innovative financial business models to market.

    Leverage the latest cloud platforms to build disruptive financial products.


  • Disrupt

    Deliver your innovation on the right platform and grow your customer-base with minimum investment at scale. We use DevOps, skills and experiments to build disruption while reducing your time to market.

  • Transform

    Embrace Industry 4.0 tooling and ways to test and build an Industrial Internet business that delivers new value. Drive transformation through micro services, design thinking and continuous engineering.

  • Scale

    Transform your existing infrastructure and create insights to improve customer engagement. Manage and facilitate the transformation process from disruptive ideas to innovative products faster. 


Enjoy some of our press-releases where we have been featured in some of the leading news publications.

Home-grown prototyping board

Truly deployable at an industrial scale.

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Dealing with youth unemployment

A difference through skills development.

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Start-up banks on IoT for disruption

IBM backed Figtory bets on the Industrial IoT.

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